Friends of Castroville Animal Control

Friends of Castroville Animal Control (FCAC) is a tax-exempt, non-profit

501(c)3 organization founded in 2012.  FCAC has implemented a foster network and adoption process in Castroville.  FCAC helps Castroville Animal Control find homes for impounded adoptable animals through its adoption events and media sites.  We also provide all necessary veterinary care including tests, medications, vaccinations, spaying and neutering for these pets so they'll be ready for adoption. 

Friends of Castroville Animal Control is not a shelter.
We do not have a facility to take in stray animals, animals that have been dumped on your property, or pets you no longer want.  FCAC only works with the animals already impounded by Castroville Animal Control because they are only held for three days before they may be euthanized, according to Texas statutes and City ordinance.  

FCAC is run entirely by volunteers.  We are not animal control officers.  We will not pick up animals.  If you have an animal you believe has been dumped on your property, you may post the animal on our Facebook page.  If you do not have Facebook, please email a picture and any important information about the animal to us at   We will post this information on our Facebook page for you.  This is all we can do in this situation as we are not animal control officers.  Additionally, we are not able to assist the public with veterinary costs.

Please call your nearest animal control officer if you need help with any of the following or need to report animal cruelty:

improper shelter
starving animal
loose animal in the street
animal cruelty
lost pet
found pet
dumped animal on your property

Castroville city animal control officer
(830) 931-2222 or (830) 931-5013

Medina County animal control officer
(830) 741-6153