Castroville Area Pet Shelter

Castroville Nip and Tuck along with the City of Castroville have committed to building an Animal Control Pet Shelter for the City.  The City of Castroville will provide the land, utilities, maintenance and an Animal Control employee.  Castroville Nip and Tuck will build the building and have a memorandum of understanding with the City of Castroville on the operations of the facility.  FCAC will coordinate the Volunteer Program and continue their foster program through the shelter.  Currently the City of Castroville's Animal Shelter is inadequate and unsafe.  The new facility will be called "CAPS" or Castroville Area Pet Shelter. 

The City of Castroville's shelter is not open to the public.  It is located near the Sewage Wastewater Treatment Plant next to Castroville Regional Park.  The shelter is hidden from the public and there is no access to see the adoptable pets or to check if your missing pet has been picked up by the Animal Control Officer.

The shelter building is made of pipe and tin.  The perimeter of the building is unsealed and bugs, rodents and small animals can come inside.  With the perimeter unsealed, the shelter is also prone to flooding.  There is no heat or air conditioner in the shelter.  Fans and space heaters are used in hot and cold weather and frequently blow the breaker because of overuse and inadequate electricity.  The floors are unsealed concrete which hold bacteria, diseases and are impossible to keep clean.  There is one hose to clean the entire shelter.  The drains inside the kennels are open and prone to flooding.  When it floods, the drains fill with filthy water.  Small dogs have been known to use the drains as a way to escape which is very dangerous.  The doors to the dog kennels are rusted and they are difficult to open and close and keep properly locked.  The cat kennels are small and difficult to clean properly.  There is no washer or dryer to wash the shelter's laundry.  One small sink is used to wash the shelter's animal bowls.  The public needs to be aware that the City of Castroville desperately needs a new Animal Control Shelter.  Not only is it unsafe and inadequate for the animals but the Animal Control Officer should not have to work in these poor conditions. 

"CAPS" needs your help to build the new shelter for Castroville's stray, unwanted, abandoned and lost animals.

If you would like to donate,

 please mail your check donation to:

Castroville Area Pet Shelter

c/o Kyle McVay

307 Madrid St.

Castroville, TX 78009

or go to the website and make a PayPal donation.


All donations are greatly appreciated

and tax deductible.