connecting Castroville's people and pets


Pet fostering is essential in our mission to help adoptable animals taken in by Animal Control find forever homes and save homeless animal's lives.   

By law Animal Control only has to hold animals for three days before they are euthanized. Our Animal Control officer does all he can to find homes for as many of the adoptable animals as possible, but his resources are limited. This is one important way FCAC is making a difference.  

Foster homes provide a temporary placement for impounded animals and saves them from euthanasia. FCAC provides food and supplies for the animal, it's no cost to you. 

Please complete the application on this page if you are interested in fostering.  This does not have to be an upfront commitment - you may submit the forms simply if you are interested in learning more about what it means to be a foster.  
Your help is greatly appreciated and you would be saving an animal's life!


All vet expenses for your foster pet will be paid for by FCAC.

All food and supplies for your foster pet will be provided through FCAC and generous community donations.

FCAC schedules adoption events where your foster pet has a chance to find a forever home.

FCAC provides training for foster families

FCAC makes your foster pet available to potential adopters through this website, Facebook and

You decide what is an acceptable animal for you to foster:
  • Dog?  Cat?
  • Baby? Elderly?
  • Breed?
  • Outdoor?  Indoor?
  • Small?  Medium?  Large?
It's up to you.  You may decline any animal you do not wish to foster.  

Fostering allows you to have the experience of having a pet without the long term committment.  Depending on the type of animal you foster, you may have the pet for a few days to a few months.
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You will make a big difference in the lives of many homeless animals in Castroville.  You will have a direct impact on the quality of life for our community and for these helpless animals.